Grade by Grade: Excellent Elementary Education Made Easy provides helpful guidance for each year such as:

  • What to do when your child won’t let go and cries the first day of kindergarten
  • How to help your child learn to mend emotional hurts with friends
  • Ways to deal with bullies
  • Handling challenges with teachers or other school staff with great results
  • How to work with teachers to get the most out of each and every grade
  • The five things NOT to say to the school administration
  • What to do to keep gifted kids engaged and cookin’ in every grade
  • Fun activities for strugglers that boost achievement and self confidence
  • The art of keeping wiggly and distracted kids “plugged in” at school that any parent can master
  • Getting help for a child with special needs
  • Homework routines that really work
  • Nutrition habits to turbo charge your child’s mind and body

    Grade By Grade

Learn the secrets to getting the most for your child out of each grade in elementary school.

Trish Wilkinson, an elementary school teacher for more than 20 years, with the rare experience of teaching all grades, kindergarten through sixth, can make the education journey more successful and fun for the whole family. She shares personal insights, gleaned from countless hours in the classroom and raising two children of her own, combined with at least 300 years experience of elementary school wisdom from other education professionals. She also passes along helpful hints from seasoned moms and dads as well as the latest research in elementary education. Soon this wealth of information will be available in a practical, useful guide for parents.